Actress Janie Dee wears Louisa Parris 'Tibor' strapless dress at the 2019 Olivier Awards in London

Award winning British Actress and Singer Janie Dee took to the stage at the 2019 Olivier Awards ceremony to present the award, showcasing our latest Tibor strapless dress.


Dee presents Jonathan Bailey, with the award for Best Actor In A Supporting Role In A Musical award for 'Company', on stage during The Olivier Awards 2019 with Mastercard at the Royal Albert Hall. Our 'Tibor' print is currently available as the Tibor Scarf Dress.


Janie Dee wears the strapless 'Tibor' dress at the 2019 Olivier Awards

Our Tibor Scarf Dress is made by hand stitching two of our Tibor scarves together, in our classic georgette fabric. The fabric is known for it’s luxurious feel, reflecting the light beautifully and elegantly floating as you move.



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