Calder on Paper: 1939-1959
Despite being known as a sculptor (the originator of the mobile), Calder started his career as a painter, developing his gouache technique in the 1930s.
Calder's gouaches are amongst the most immediately accessible works of the 20th century because of the simplicity and purity of the primary colours, clean lines and basic figures such as spirals, circles and triangles.
Boulders, solar systems, and cacti are points of departure for his exuberant line, which conveys arabesques, orbs, and layers of bold stripes.


Warped Space, Gouache on paper, 1964
Untitled (V), Gouache on paper, 1968
Untitled, Gouache on paper, 1971
Untitled, Gouache on paper, 1971.


"Calder on Paper: 1939-1959" on show at Omer Tiroche Gallery in collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery - until December 15th 2017.