Hello from London and my kitchen table - April 2020
I wanted to write a personal newsletter as I'm sure we are all feeling out of our comfort zones and at times a little bit helpless to something that came out of nowhere and honestly pretty scary.

I'm not a planner but I find not knowing what the next few months hold has really taken my breath away. Watching many dear friends working for the NHS and around the world tirelessly to help everyone affected by Covid-19 is humbling.

But with that all said I hope when we do come out the other side, it is with a stronger sense of community and support for all generations that might be feeling a little out of sync with our world.
Homeschooling my 4 and 7 year old has been eye opening and taking daily early walks with them to listen to the quiet has been really special... albeit a bit testing at times! 
My label has a long road ahead if we are to survive, but like any freelancer or big/small business I will do what I can, and will also ask for help when (and if) we get to that moment.
I hope you are all ok and have found some moments of quiet or the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. I had big ideas to work on Spring Summer 21 and move studios... but honestly I'm just about managing working on a puzzle each night and keeping in touch with loved ones. 
Take care and please email or reach out if I can help in any way.
Louisa x
Two charities close to my heart at the moment that I continue to support, especially at this time.
Smartworks  &  Little Village
Shortly we will launch our Digital Sample Sale, which a percentage of each dress I will donate to these two charities.
They both do amazing work; I have worked with Sarah Burns MBE from Smartworks  for a number of years and they will be hugely busy after this difficult time has past, getting many women back into work. 
It's also the same for Little Village HQ who are still taking donations and asking for help with an Amazon Wish List for very young new mothers and fathers who are struggling.

5 business that I want to introduce to you that you might like as they have given me (and my family) much joy over the past year... From great knitwear, paper garlands and bold sleep wear to wonderful books and brilliant coloured conish coffee mugs.
East End Press
Lulu and Nat