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In San Francisco With Principal Ballet Dancer, Mathilde Froustey
Louisa’s work finds a natural crossover between dance and fashion, both of which are centred around the study of the body and its movement.

mathildefrousteyballetdancer   mathildefrousteyballetdancer2

We head to San Francisco to see how the principle French ballet dancer, Mathilde Froustey moves with her Louisa Parris Church Scarf. Renowned dance photographer, Nisian Hughes, effortlessly captures the delicate movement of both the georgette scarf and Mathilde.


Mathilde is strong and graceful draped in the bold print of our Church Scarf, with the georgette material adding extra lightness to the way it hangs over her body.

mathildefrousteyballetdancer3  mathildefrousteyballetdancer4

Dance has always featured highly in Louisa's designs, with the materials of her scarves and dresses floating elegantly with the dancers. You get to see clothes move when a wearer walks, but when someone dances in them they can really come to life.