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Our Artist of the Week : Jacques Henri Lartigue
This week we put the spotlight on one of Louisa's favourite photographers, Jacques Henri Lartigue, who's been a huge inspiration behind Collection Five, especially the Meller scarf with its soft tones on 100% wool.

One usually knows him as the French painter, however it wasn't until 1963, at the age of 69, that Lartigue was discovered for his photography, once saying, "I have two pairs of eyes - one to paint and one to take photographs." 
Lartigue was transfixed by the glamorous lives of the pre-war upper classes, passionately documenting the fleeting moments of joy amongst the people that surrounded him, and the environments which produced such joy. It is are these feelings that Louisa wants to create through her collections. Adding a sense of charm and colour into the everyday lives of those who wear a Louisa Parris design.

Colour is at the forefront of Louisa's work and the unmissable lightness to Lartigue’s work – whether presented through a childish gaze , an luminous colour study, or a cinematic composition - has swayed Louisa's latest collection.

Below are some of Lartigue's images of his unerring eye for capturing simple pleasures: walking in the rain, boarding a car, getting flowers at the market. It is easy to recognise the influence of colour, lightness and prints within his work reflecting on Louisa's designs.

Jacques Henri Lartigue 1
Florette. Vence,1954. Photography J. H. Lartigue

Jacques Henri Lartigue 2
 Florette, Piozzo Italy, Photography J. H. Lartigue
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