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Textile inspiration from Collier Campbell
Textile inspiration from Collier Campbel

For over 50 years the work of Susan Collier and her sister Sarah Campbell graced our homes and clothes, and even the high streets. Louisa remember's first seeing  Collier Campbell designs in her mothers home on bedding and scarves that Cherrill wore. 

collier campbell liberty of london chevron print

'Ivan', 1973
Originally painted by Susan and Sarah for a Liberty of London Prints dress fabric, country cotton, this chevron design was actually created before Collier Campbell was formed in 1977. C-C revisited it a couple of times in later years.

Using cloth as their preferred medium, the C-C designs were first seen in Liberty London when Susan Collier's prints were first picked up by the company, previously selling her own original sketches to the scarf brands Jacqmar and Richard Allan. She later went on to partner with her sister Sarah Campbell in 1977 and create Collier Campbell, wanting to create products that were "visibly hand-created though mass-produced, not an easy effect to achieve through machines."

collier campbell design liberty of london
This is their first sketch of the design and was then developed into 'Kazak', one of Liberty's longest and bestselling designs.

Having collaborated with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Muir and John Bates, Jaeger, Bill Gibb, Habitat, and Marks & Spencer over two decades, the C-C colourways were seen everywhere, and you could always spot the bright graphics of the C-C designs.

For Collection Five Louisa drew inspiration from their bold use of colour combinations and print, naming one the luxury collection's scarves after the C-C label.

Louisa Parris Campbell Scarf

100% Silk Twill with rolled edges.
90x90cm or 127x127cm.