Day Scarf
Day Scarf Day Scarf Day Scarf Day Scarf Day Scarf Day Scarf

For this design, Louisa wanted to layer five circles that catch your eye and pull you in with the mint green at the centre. This scarf has a wonderful way of being folded at an angle that creates amazing shapes when worn on the shoulders. A design that Louisa has sketched many times and is a development on from the Bay Scarf (link here). Pairing the ‘Day’ Scarf with a simple black or white top or jacket is a wonderfully striking look. This georgette fabric is also great worn on the head, as it has some grip too it and doesn't slide.

This is our triple silk georgette fabric. It’s beautifully light weight and ever so slightly crinkled… Has a slight fine crunchy feel to the touch. Silk acts as natures temperature conductor keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our scarf will arrive in a 100% flax linen bag which can be used to transport and protect your scarf when not in use (or for storing whatever you want – it’s a nice bag!). We recommend dry cleaning your scarf. We have found the best way to spruce up your scarf when creased is by ironing on the appropriate fabric setting. You can also steam the fabric if you have a steamer to hand. Our scarves tend to get softer as they are worn and dry cleaned.