Hull Scarf
Hull Scarf Hull Scarf Hull Scarf Hull Scarf Hull Scarf Hull Scarf
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Louisa loved working on this design due the graphic black circle clashing with the repeated stripes. As it's in our lovely silk twill the colours really pop! Try it tied around your shoulders in a shawl drape, or fold into a column, fold in half and loop through once round the neck, like your scarf at school c.1990's!

Silk Twill - Our classic silk fabric and known for it’s luxurious feel and reflects the light beautifully. With a fine pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Silk acts as natures temperature conductor keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our scarf will arrive in a 100% flax linen bag which can be used to transport and protect your scarf when not in use (or for storing whatever you want – it’s a nice bag!). We recommend dry cleaning your scarf. We have found the best way to spruce up your scarf when creased is by ironing on the appropriate fabric setting. You can also steam the fabric if you have a steamer to hand. Our scarves tend to get softer as they are worn and dry cleaned.